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During the last eight years, we have dedicated all our efforts and passion to develop itineraries that meet the expectations of visitors to Bolivia. With the experience gained throughout this time, we are now confident that we can make your visit an unforgettable and unique experience.

We are conscious that traveling in Bolivia is not easy, as long distances, bad roads, social problems and poor sanitation are usually the common problems to be faced by tourists. However, the rewards for those who come are all the magnificent landscapes, the real contact with nature and, especially, the kindest people willing to open their hearts to you.

Enjoy this adventure with us....

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Salar de Uyuni
The Salar de Uyuni with 12.000 square kilometres is considered as one of the biggest salt lakes of the world. The Salar allows to observe images in suspension, optic illusions...read more.


Design your own trip
For people that don’t like to follow scripted tours and rather plan and organize trips according to their own preferences, time, budget and activities..read more



What's high altitude ? It's considered to be between 5,000 and 11,500 feet (1,524 and 3,505.2 m) above sea level. Very high altitude is any altitude between 11,500 and 18,000 feet (5,486.4 m), and extreme altitude is anything above 18,000 feet.

Atmospheric pressure (which is measured with a barometer and is also known as barometric pressure ) is a measurement of air's force against a surface....read more.



At 1,098,580  km² (424,135  mi² ), Bolivia is the world's 28th-largest country (after Ethiopia). Bolivia has been a landlocked nation since 1879, when it lost its coastal department of Littoral to Chile in the War of the Pacific . However, it does have access to the Atlantic via the Paraguay river.

An enormous diversity of ecological zones is represented within Bolivia 's territory. The western highlands of the country are situated in the Andes Mountains and include the Bolivian Altiplano . The eastern lowlands include large sections of Amazonian rainforests and Chaco ...read more









We have prepared an extensive photo gallery of Bolivia, a collection made by more than 15 years traveling around the country. Probably one of the best collection of images available on-line and for free, enjoy it.....click here!

probablemente una de las mejores recopilaciones disponible on-line


La Paz Weather Forecast, Bolivia

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