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The Bolivian Andes represents the widest range in the South American Andes, embracing 38% of the national territory. This great extension of high mountains above 18.000 and 21.500 feets, with tropical glaciers, nature and extraordinary landscapes makes that the climbers from all the world calls to this mountain range: “The adventure of the new century.”

Bolivia offers unlimited climb opportunities on ice, snow and rock. Sajama, Illimani, Condoriri and Huayna Potosí are challenges that wait for the outventurous....

Climb Sajama and Parinacota (6.542 m)
6 days - difficulty: AD
Sajama is an aymara word which means "west". Nevado Sajama is located in the Parque Nacional Sajama, established in 1945. This remote park on Bolivia's south-western border with Chile occupies an area of about 80,000...

Climb Illimani (6.462 m)
4 days - difficulty: AD
Illimani is an aymara word which means "golden eagle". The Illimani is the highest mountain of the Cordillera Real (the highest peak of Bolivia is the Sajama, located in the Cordillera Occidental, the other great bolivian mountain range)

Climb Huayna Potosí (6.088 m)
3 days - difficulty: PD
Huayna Potosi is an aymara word which means "young mountain". Huayna Potosi is the closest high mountain to La Paz, a city which is surrounded by high mountains, and itself is the highest capital city in the world. Huayna Potosi is roughly fifteen miles due north of the city....

Climb Pequeño Alpamayo and Condoriri (5.750 m)
5 days - difficulty: PD+/AD+
Condoriri is an aymara word which means "condor head". Condoriri is a beautiful and popular peak north of La Paz, Bolivia. It is a massif consisting of three peaks, suggestive of the head and two wings of a condor (hence the name). The main summit is on the "head" of the condor.

FIT TOURS. Fixed International Tours
We have designed an chronograme of climbings for the whole year. This tours have the exit guaranteed, with 1 or 6 people. During the tour you will share the experience with a group of international outventurous





We have prepared an extensive photo gallery of Bolivia, a collection made by more than 15 years traveling around the country. Probably one of the best collection of images available on-line and for free, enjoy it.....click here!!

probablemente una de las mejores recopilaciones disponible on-line

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